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Very first Saturn ever


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Its been about 7 weeks now since last had scope out due to weather/work combinations and had got to the point of is it even worth having a scope

Anyway woke up this morning about 2.30am and went down for a drink and just glanced out of the window and it was crystal clear! Still half asleep and before I knew it I was dressed in the garage dragging my gear out and 2.45 I was all set up as this would also be my first Saturn visual I was very anxious to get looking and was totally blown away with the sight it is just an amazing thing to see

After about 30mins of visual I hooked the webcam up to try and get a image even though it was still quite low I did try with the 2x barlow first but just could not get an acceptable image more to do with still being half a sleep I reckon so I settled for no barlow but have ended up with a very small image but at least you can see what it is and also im not sure if I have managed to pick up some colour on the disk or that’s just down to something not right on the processing anyway by 4am scope was packed away and me back in bed




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