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First Scope Advice

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Hi all

I'm looking at options for my first scope so any help is greatly appreciated.

Initially, I'd thought about getting a 8" dobsonian, but sensibly decided to hang fire until I've done more reading and have got a little more experience.

When I get a scope, I know I'll want to move on to taking pictures as well as optical viewing, and I'd be very disappointed if I ended up buying a scope that didn't fit the photography bill.

I would rather save up some more money than take the plunge straight away. I've recently found out that there are open access nights at Keele Uni so I'll be quite happy going along and using their scopes for the time being. Also, I know I can learn a lot more of the visible objects with practice through binoculars, so its not like I'm going to be short of things to do if I don't have a scope of my own yet.

I currently have a pretty decent DSLR camera (Nikon D80), and when I take the plunge and buy a telescope that will be the camera I'd use for any photography.

My current favourite scope based on what I've read here so far is this one

Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 GOTO

So to start off, is this going to fit the bill, and what else would I need to add to my shopping list to be able to fit my camera to it?

Thanks in advance


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That's a good choice for visual only, I'd say. Have a look at the imaging section and see what equipment people are using. Most often I see a small APO refractor with some corrector optics and a beefier mount than an EQ5.

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