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First pics with home made Baader filter


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I got some Baader solar film and made a filter for my 150mm sywatcher dob. Felt very nervous about using it, but it turned out pretty good.

These were taken with a Canon EOS 300D.

The close up was using a Skywatcher 2x barlow.

I've obviously tweaked these in photoshop, boosting the yellow and red.



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I have just made a solar filter using the Baader film for my WO FLT98. Funny stuff that super glue, I wonder when I will be able to feel the ends of my fingers again? That wasn't the question by the way!

I have a canon 500D and wondered what settings you used to get your pics, Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.



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Looks good to me too. With my Vixen and Baadar film, I use 1/500. On a very clear day (you know the ones where the sky is really blue 1/1000, on a rough day 1/250). Setting my camera at A mode (aperture priority, wide open) generally guves good exposures for full disc images.

PS Run water on your hands and use normal (ie bar) soap. It will come off eventually.

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