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I'm using Deep Sky Stacker to stack a load of photos, but the problem is I have some brightly lit buildings in the foreground and this is causing the output to contain a load of ghostly swirls (looks like magnetic field lines emanating from my house!).

Any ideas how I can avoid this or is it simply that the software works with sky images only.

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DeepSkyStacker - Technical Info

Using a Custom Rectangle

You can tell DeepSkyStacker to use a Custom Rectangle which will define the position and the size of the resulting image.

First, you need to preview an image by clicking on it in the list. You can select any image, but since you are defining the rectangle of what will be visible in the final image you should select the reference light frame (the one with the highest score or the one you decided to use as the reference light frame by using the context menu).

Then you just select on the image the rectangle that you wish to use as a Custom Rectangle.

When you will start the stacking process, the rectangle you just created will be selected by default as the stacking mode.

This option may be really helpful when used along with the Drizzle option that double or triple the size of the resulting image and thus is using much more memory and disk space during the stacking process.

Indeed, when a Custom Rectangle is used, DeepSkyStacker is only using the memory and disk space needed to create an image the size of the Custom Rectangle.

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