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PST Imaging with DSLR


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Hi all,

I need a bit of help and advice on how to take photos with my DSLR on a Coronado PST. I have a Canon EOS 1000d, t ring and 1.25" t adaptor (short and long nose) and an Orion Short barlow.

I cannot seem to achieve focus, no matter what I try it's always just out. Has anyone been able to do this ?



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I asked the same question and got some helpful advice here (thanks!).

I haven't been able to use any camera in prime focus, despite playing around with a barlow.

One thing you can try is eyepiece projection. I use a Baader Hyperion Zoom with an adaptor (Hyperion Zoom - T2 thread) to attach the eyepiece to the camera. Achieving focus, getting the tuning ring in the correct position and getting the exposure times right is somewhat challenging, though ;-)

Here are two examples: One picture of the whole sun (single shot) and one prominence (video recorded with EOS movie record and processed with Registax)




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Hi Guys,

I have just bought a PST and have been told that focus can be achieved using a Meade 128 x3 barlow. The biggest problem is finding one in the UK as Telescope House have no stock nor does anyone else due to the Meade problems. I'm hoping this will work when I finally get my hands on one as Im an imager and bought the PST to image the SUN.....lol.

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