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Hello from Leeds...


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Hi Folks, found this through our lass getting me a scope for xmas from FLO...

An extreme newbie, think i've set my scope up right, managed to have a look at Jupiter and the moon recently and gobsmacked, hope I'll be able to get some tips maybe meet up and learn off others...

I've got one of these...

Startravel - Skywatcher Startravel 80 (EQ1)

Any tips or anything would be welcome !! :-) plus any meetings round my neck of the woods i'd be interested in going along to get some help?



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Hi Paul.

i'm just over the hill in Bradford. I have just signed up to the Bradford Astronomy Association. They seem like a really good bunch. I too am just starting out and have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and advice given by all at SGL and BAA.

All the best Martin.

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Hi Paul and welcome to the forum.

Congratulations on your new scope and on finding jupiter - it can only get better! I think that joining a group is a really good idea as there is nothing better than someone stood by you showing you the ropes. One useful purchase will be to get hold of a good star map to help show you where stuff is. Now there is a program called STELLARIUM which you can easily google and download and best of all - its FREE. Such a useful tool that can tell you what's in the sky on a given date and when it will be appearing in your part of the sky that's available to you.

Don't forget this forum is a great resource which is underpinned by people'e experience and who may own the very scope you have. Any questions please ask away in the relevant section.

Clear skies


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