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Skywatcher Skymax 127 with GOTO or Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5.

Some more info: I want to see, (not take photo's), as much as possible. I don't need the GOTO as I'm sure a steep learning curve in positioning with the EQ5 can't do any harm. My kids want to see as much as possible however they are small, 7 & 5, will they get along with the Explorer considering its size with the aid of a step?

Or any other suggestions. Just wait till I get in to the For Sale section. 45 posts or so to go. :)

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That is 2 scope's that will cause one hell of an arguement.:)

The 127 Mak will require power, but is easy on eyepieces. It is what you see and "upgrade" is not an option.

The 200P is bigger, will require collimating and if it is an f/5 is more critical on eyepieces. Sure I have read of an f/6 or f/7 in the 200P line.

You will want a set of motors for the EQ5, sooner then later in my opinion. Makes life easier. You could upgrade the EQ5 to a goto later but not cheap.

Before the tide of don't get a goto arrives there are a number of threads on SGL of people that have found goto's very good and useful. At the end of the day you want to see things.

Goto's need setting up and aligning. Many posts of frustration at this.

Both will need a decent cool down period. Both are transportable with care. The 127 will have a narrow field of view so finding things is a bit difficult, the 200P will have a wider field of view so finding things is easier.

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the dob version of the 200 is F6 so collimation can be pretty approximate without spoiling the view - I would have thought the eq mounted version is the same tube but I'm not sure. problem with a dob for kids (I have both) is that at high powers, the object moves away too quickly for them to really see it and the nudging is going to be beyond them. I also have the mak 127 (non-goto) which is a great little scope but setting it up with goto would be a bit of a a faff compared to the dob. optically, the 8" scope will beat the mak in every department - only slightly for moon and planets; significantly for dso's.

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