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Jupiter - 9th January_2011


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Finally got a chance to get out again to see Jupiter.

Drawing was done at twilight with a TSA-102 at x135 - seeing was good AII. Time was 16:30UT.

The SEB revival has now grown since my last observation to all the way across the planet BUT it was at a slight diagonal across the disk. There were slightly different levels of thickening visible too, particularly just by the GRS.

Also visible were arches between the North and South equatorial belt, with a particularly dark one to the right of the drawing.

Clear skies to all.


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Chris, Seb, thanks for the kind comments.

I was suprised when I saw the arches but observing in twilight really helped. 30 minutes later as it got darker the level of detail dropped dramatically !

I have read a little about this and it is supposed to be to do with the planet's brighness creating too much contrast against the night sky and therefore becoming so bright that the EZ just looks white, but in the day this problem doesn't happen, I have observed mercury and Venus in broad daylight many times before, but I can only recall seeing Jupiter against a blue sky once, I may give it a go this weekend...if the kids can behave long enough!

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