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First foray into astrophotography


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So I've been a keen amateur photographer for about 18 months now and taught myself on an old Praktica L 35mm camera to get a full understanding of shutter speed, aperture and film speed. I've got about 15 cameras but only one digital. I usually use this for playing around and rarely do serious shoots with it, but it's the perfect bit of kit to get started on astrophotography with.

I left my tripod with a friend and will be getting it back next week, but until then I'm using an old bolt and tennis ball as a pretty sturdy tabletop tripod. I had some success last night but noticed on 30-second exposures that you get light trails (between 400 and 800ISO, the effect diminished but was still visible on 100).

I want to get a decent 40mm shot of the night sky around me and wondered whether stacking images would be the best way to get a great picture? And whether a high ISO and 15 second exposures might reduce the star trails?

Thanks in advance!

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