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M78 Reflection Nebula in Orion


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Sketched on 8 Jan with my 16" x107 magnification.


Notes: Two stars embedded in nebulosity, which seemed to stretch out eastwards / south-eastwards and fade. Fainter nebulosity engulfed the third fainter star further to the southeast as well.

To the north of the northernmost star (bottom of sketch), the edge of the nebulosity seemed quite sharply defined

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very nice bud how do you process your images on the computer

I sketch pencil onto white paper at the eyepiece and then scan my image to my pc. I just use a bit of free photo software to convert to negative and get the white balance as best I can to view on my monitor.

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Very Nice Seb

I guess the 16" makes it stand out a little more?


You know it's funny. I first observed M78 way back in the 80s with a 6" scope. I had a very dark site then in North Wales. The view I got from my more light polluted skies through my 16" this time wasn't in fact that much different to how I sketched M78 some 20 or so years ago. Maybe a little more diffuse nebulosity around the fringes, and a bit more definition to the edges - but that's about all that was different.

Just goes to show the advantage you can get under a really dark sky!

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