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DSLR Focus question


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Can anyone tell me if you can have your images displayed automaticaly on screen when they are downloaded in 'Capture mode'?

I can only seem to get it to do this in 'focus mode' :)

Or perhaps it is not possible...but that just seems silly!? and i really wanted the programe to do that.

I know you can manualy check the last image but i was hoping it would just show me them automaticaly like it does in focus mode.

Thanks in advance. :evil6:


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Cheer for the replys guys.

I have tried APT but unfortunatly it wont work with the canon 300D, Ivo also tried his best to get it to work for me with no sucess.

I have been using a combination of Canon's Utill to download the pics, dslr shutter to take them and DSS Live to view/monitor the pics as they come in....So its a bit of faffing around, so i was hoping to have an all-in-one soloution. Unfortunatly for Vista there is nothing that supports the canon 300d apart from doing it this way. So i decided to downgrade to XP (best thing anyway!) and bought DSLR Focus hoping it would give me the all-in-one soloution i was wanting.

And it is great, minus the fact that i can't view the pics i'm capturing as i go.

Any other sugestions?



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In DSLR Focus you need to click on the Frame button to display the image if it's a JPEG - won't do it automatically - and won't replace the image with the latest one if you leave it open. Can't display it if it's RAW though.

It's annoying and as it's not supported there's no chance of getting it changed. :)

I've switched from DSLR Focus to APT - sad that it won't work for you.


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Cheers Mark,

Thats all i could get it to do as well. :) i was just hoping i was missing somthing, because it seems really stupid!! it does it for the focus option which is fine but not the capture? but what happens if your focus changes or one of the many other things that can go wrong and if your not checking it you have waisted your clear night!

In heinsight i would have never bought a 300D purley becuse of the softwear and the fact it is usb1. oh well you learn the hard way i suppose :evil6:

Thanks again,


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