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Very nice Martin.

If you don't mind me asking, what colour filter gave the best (brightest) results on the cloudy fluffy stuff? Only I am doing this in narrowband atm and trying to get the HST colours, but the normal NB filters dont seem to give the right colour to the cloudy fluff :icon_eek:



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Red seems the brightest overall, but blue shows the fuzzy stuff.

The 3 pics below are single Red, Green, Blue Fits straight off the camera, all have equal stretch and are screen grabs from Nebulosity.

The red is showing some structure because of the Ha within it I suppose.




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Exactly what I wanted :icon_eek: Thank Martin. I think I will try taking some long green and blue subs and then combining them, and then adding them to one of the narrowband channels to accentuate the blueyness. According to the info, the blue in the Hubble mosaic of M1 is OI.

Thanks again.


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