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first atempt


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finaly had a clear nite sky so got set up for first go at sketching

i started of and went for m45 in a pair of 70mm binos after a fue failed goes i started to get the hang of positioning the stars rite so this took 20 mins then i spent 5 mins in the walm touching (hope that aint cheating lol)

i then decided to up the mag and go for a small object ,so i used a 10" newt and 7mm ep and OIII filter and sketch the little dumbell this took about 10 min as so fue stars to place then again touched up in the walm

over all i think i have not done to bad for a first go and i look forward to progressing my skills at this fine art

any comments and advice please give as well needed

hope you like




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For a first go that is outstanding, way better than my first observation drawings, really miles better. Well done!

I really like the pencil sketches, they have that feeling which we all often comment on there of giving the impression of what you saw through your scope - if you know what i mean. I loke to see the originals.

Anyway, i love the treatment of the bright stars in the secong sketch, they really look bright and glowing.

The third sketch looks cool in green, but I am not so sure about the nebula itself, how did you render it? on the computer? I think a scan of your pencil sketch, inverted with a bit of retouching would look really good.

Hope this helps

best regards

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i know what you mean with lil dum neb ive inverted on ps then using a spray brush and blur and smuge tool tryed to do the neb though not sure the best way to do ,i think the sketching is easyer than on the computer

any advice would b good

hear is another go lol


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I do much mure plantary drawing than Deep Sky (my skies are not that dark) so it's not really my strongest point, and I too sometimes struggle with the subtle tones required on deep sky sketches.

I can't really offer much more advice on hopw to mqake the Neb look better, just keep trying different aproaches.

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ok no worrys ive ordered a book to help as im the the most artistic person lol i hope to have a go at planetary sketches soon though they look as if they will be more complex to draw i think this will take some practice to get any good at sketching

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