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All clear on the Amsterdam front tonight


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My night started off with a disappointment: I left the scope to cool, had dinner and went out to observe at 6.30. Sadly even at this early time, Jupiter is already lost behind the block of flats to the south of me. THe moon also gave me the slip. (I did have a quick look at both against a blue sky when I took the scope out, but of course the scope had not even started cooling then).

So I think it will be half a year or more before I get a proper look at Jupiter again.

I gave up and had a go at some clusters - M36, M37, and M38, all of which I have never seen before. M37 is very pretty in a sparkly ghostly sort of way, but I think it needs more aperture than 102mm, especially under my mag 3 skies. M36 and M38 were both more attractive, with lots of stars bright enough for my scope. I was viewing at 150x to cut the sky glow. Counter-intuitively, M37 was best at 80x.

I was going to move on to Auriga doubles, but the clouds rolled in. I may go out again later on, as it is clearing up again.

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Yes it was a good night. Got a bit of a shock at about 18:30 ish, after a beautiful clear day, the clouds rolled in, but I stayed out and it cleared wonderfully. A good night observing, and not too cold.

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your in Amsterdam and you are stargazing???? are u mad,Amsterdam is the coolest city on earth!! i know what i would be doing if i was there and it don't involve astronomy products i can tell you!! lmao!! (only joking) have a great night!

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