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Widefield Milky Way Attempt!

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Ok so this is a link to my first widefield attempt... Quite honestly I think that it is very poor and the post processing is terrible but I no real knowledge of using DSS or curve tools etc.... Anyway here are the details for the image.


23x15sec exsposure's (light) 15xDark!

ISO 800

RAW format used for post processing....

WideField Astrophotography | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ok so what did I learn? Well trust your eyes for one thing... I took a tester image at ISO 1600 and 20secs exposure which looked much more detailed! but i decided to reduce the ISO to 800 and the exposure thinking that it was too much exposure time and too much noise! WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Anyway I should be getting another shot at this tommorow night! (Pending clear skies!)

I attempted to get a tree into the shot as well and once I stacked the images it looks horrid..... Also I couldnt really use the ISO 1600 shot because my darks didnt match and then I got horrible hot pixels over the tree area...

A really interesting process all the same... All feedback is welcome!!!!



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Sadly I can only get my len's down to 28mm as it's a fujifilm s100fs 'bridge camera' and not a DSLR....

I Should be able to increase shutter to 20secs and not notice star trails.... but do you think ISO 1600 is enough? Or should I go even higher 3200? OR higher? lol

Like I said my first test shot picked up far more detail in the actual dust band of the milky way...



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higher iso will cause more noise. you may see more details on single frame, but after stacking overall result will be worse for 1600 iso comparing to 800 (at least it is the case for my dslr). maybe your camera have got other specifications regarding noise, so i guess you have to do few pictures on 800, 1600 and 3200 and compare them

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