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Hello from Portsmouth

Joe T

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Hello there,

I was very much interested in Astronomy when I was little but I guess it was only a little phase but now I've decided that now is the best time to get myself back into my "forgotten hobby" and explore the universe! :D

I haven't brought a new telescope, the one I got now is terribly poor as it was made for a kid and now I'm 17 :) so I'll be looking to get a new one but before I do I've ordered The Wonders of The Solar System to read and watch, I'm the sort of person who loves to read but, believe it or not never really found myself looking up into the sky, instead I'll look down at a book about whats up there but now, I'm hoping that'll change.

Didn't realise how long I ramble on for so I'll leave it there!


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Welcome to the site Joe.

I too am from Portsmouth and there are loads more of us.

Have a look at HantsAstro - Making Astronomy Shine for You as we try to observe as a group as much as possible.

Next Saturday we are doing a Stargazing Live event over at Alton if you want to come along. Its a realy friendly club and gives you a chance to see what the different scopes are all about and what suits your needs before spending your hard earned cash.

We normaly observe at Butser Ancient Farm, Butser Hill and Intec to name but a few.

Be nice to meet you if you :)

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