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can anyone help?

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hi all, im relatively new to all this although it has long been a dream of mine to get into astronomy/astrophotography.

i recently brought a skywatcher explorer 200pds (which turned up today) on an HEQ5 mount and will probably upgrade it to a GO-TO at some point in the future.

i am waiting for the weather to improve before attempting to set it up and give it a test drive but i was wondering if anyone else out there has a similar set-up and can you offer me any tips/tricks?

i was also wondering if anyone can advise me where i can find a (half) decent dust cover for this particular scope!

any help greatly appreciated, many thanks

richard :)

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Hi Richard,

Great choice of scope BTW, welcome to SGL. :)

The first tip would be don't wait for the weather to clear, set it up indoors first. That way you will be able to familiarise yourself with the scope, mount and it's basic functions as it is a lot harder to set up on a dark night in the cold.

Secondly check out this Astro-Baby Astronomy Website (a SGL member) it has lots of great info and is invaluable for 200P owners and beginners in general. :D


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I have the SW 150 PDS on HEQ5 Syntrek Mount and pretty pleased with it ...... so yours should be excellent...

Do you have the Syntrek? If so you don't need to upgrade to go as you can link to a laptop and use something like stellarium linked with ASCOM/EQMOD to have full GoTo, Polar alignement etc...

I also have a couple fo webcams (Philips SPC880 modded, HD Lifecam modded) and a DSLR with Baader MPCC.....

Once again using software like SharpCap (Webcam) and APT tools (DSLR) i can basically cover all needs.....

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hi everyone thank you all for your replys and welcomes, i'll be checking out all your suggestions and bugging you all with loads more questions in the near future no doubt!

to rll1288, i dont have the syntrek i got the HEQ5 SUPER HEAVY-DUTY EQUATORIAL MOUNT with handset but i have to get a power supply for it first, just gona spend a week getting used to mount and finding what i can where i am!!

this might sound a stupid question....but i cant connect anything to this mount for tracking as it is can i??!!!

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