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Televue Type 6 Naglers


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I am thinking of getting a Televue Type 6 Nagler, either the 11 or 13 mm. Before I commit myself, I was wondering if anyone has any advice about either which is best, or the type 6 range in general.



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The Nagler T6s have a great reputation, light and compact, excellent

performance in fast scopes. Apart from the price, about the only

criticism you hear is the relatively short eye relief of 12mm.

But many users love them. If possible, try one first.

HTH, Ed.

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I've owned all the Type 6's at one time or another - they are one of my favourite eyepieces. I only parted with my last ones to move to the Ethos range but I still miss the compactness of the Type 6's. If I was going to venture any criticism it would be that their rubber eye cups are a little too stiff.

They are very good planetary eyepieces as well - I compared mine directly to a number of alternatives, including the Baader Genuine Ortho's and did not find the T6's lacking, despite their 7 lens elements. The only eyepieces I've tried which were a touch better (only a touch) were the Pentax 10mm XW and Tele Vue's own Ethos.

If I had to single out my favorite T6's they would be the 13mm and the 5mm but all are great, IMHO :)

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I have the 11mm T6 too and I find it very comfortable to use and works beautifully in my f4.5 scope, I haven't had any black out issues although I tend to use the eye cup extended.

Thoroughly recommended



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Hi Guys and thank you for all your advice. I have order the 11mm type 6 and can not wait to start viewing with it.

Many Thanks,


Good for you Justyn :D

If it's your 1st Nagler, you do realise that it's a slippery slope ? - they are very "moreish" :icon_eek:

Edited by John
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I have a few Nagler T6 eyepieces, I have had the 13mm and still have the 11mm, I don't know why but the 13mm was a more natural choice to pick from the pile, so I sold it. This only because an Ethos came my way.

To me either one you can't go wrong, make the choice on the magnification you get from them and work it out from there.


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