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Clear skies forcast


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The weather gods are currently smiling here in Fenland :)

I've already had a peek at the daytime crescent Moon with my new EPs. The zoom was first and gave a nice view. It's meant to be parfocal but I'm not totally convinced, though to be fair I was bumping into the OTA, focusser and EP as I tried to get comfy zooming in. I've previously read that 8-24 zooms tend to give the best views in the middle of the range and that proved to be the case. I'm looking forward to trying it out on double star but so far so good.

The Hyperion was really nice. The crescent Moon fitted nicely into the FOV and was nice and sharp. Easy on the eye as well and didn't affect the balance of my dob as I thought it might do.

Back inside now but I'll be back out later again :D:D:D

It's good to astronomise!

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Just found Uranus myself after weeks of looking all around Jupiter with bins. Skies are clear here in Sheffield apart from thin scudding high cumulus. I'm off to "me dark place" sharpish to finally get to grips with my Skymax. Fingers crossed.

Here's hoping for clear skies for all of us tonight. I'm even skipping the pub tonight for this so it better be good! :)

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Scope was out before it got fully dark, managed to find a star for PHD and was tracking ready for the off.....finger poised over the button to start the subs as soon as it was fully dark! Gonna make the most of tonight.

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Can someone please explain to me what the following strange terms mean?:)

"Clear Skies Forecast tonght"

"Good visibility"

"Dark and clear out tonight"

"Darling, I'm getting the scope out for an hour tonight"

I have a vague recollection that I have heard these before..:D:eek::D

silly me, must be getting senile:rolleyes:


Strange, were you in my house when you heard that being said this evening?????

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Set up for imaging Jupiter and got the planet on screen just in time for the cloud to sweep across!

The weather forecast is driving me nuts!!! All week its been showing clear nights only for cloud to roll in! Wednesday forecast clear- result CLOUD! Thursday morning forecast Clear- Result CLOUD! Thursday night forecast clear - Result CLOUD!

Now the weekend clear forecast is proving just as futile!

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