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Last night I packed all my stuff and went to Stockgrove Country Park (Leighton Buzzard). Areas of open space. Nice car park which closes at 5pm. I had a nice talk with the countryside ranger. He's willing to let us stay in the park and give a key so we can have acces to the car park and toilets.

My question is:

Is anybody interested in meeting up there and do some observing? I sure can use so help with my set-up and I'm willing to learn more and see more.

I don't have any dates yet, I wanna see ifwe can get some people to meet up there.

The Greensand Trust

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Sorry not in your area but i would say you have stumbled on a really good find there. A good observing location in a safe spot with someone open to giving you access.......wow there's a lot of groups that would like that, us included.

There is a Bedford Astro group, Daz is a member, as is Linton. Maybe worth sending them a PM to see if they know anyone who maybe interested.

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I might consider in popping along with my wife.

Suggested routes

  1. 1.
    1 hour 38 mins
    70.8 mi
  2. 2.
    1 hour 40 mins
    56.3 mi
  3. 3.
    1 hour 43 mins
    M1 and M25
    81.7 mi

I just don't want to waste a journey if the clouds is bad.

Another question,

4.5-5 on the Dark Skies map
What does that mean? 4.5-5, Does that mean lower the number the better skies are?
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It means the limiting naked-eye magnitude is between 4.5 and. 5, the higher the better (the brightest celestial bodies have negative numbers)

Should be able to see the Milky Way with that magnitude on a good night.

Ok the higher the better, I have checked a website it said wales is 6.50, with alot of stars, I realized now that, the higher the better views.

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Hi, its been a while since your origional thread but i'm a beginner in astronomy and i also live in leighton buzzard. i've yet to find a good observation location near home.

are you still visiting this site. i would be interested in coming along if so.

let me know when your next venturing out.


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