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A variation on your idea Rob - I suggested they make it quarterly: Spring Gazing, Summer Gazing, etc.

Also, have references to the S@N show for those unaware.

Great Idea Wayne!


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I told them the following:

STARGAZING LIVE was a real breath of fresh air. Peoples love of astronomy and the skies is again growing.

I have/had a lot of respect for BBC Sky at night and Sir Patrick Moore, but I feel they are now 'past it' and do nothing for younger people interested in astronomy etc. whereas Stargazing Live and Brian Cox do.


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Good idea to suggest a regular series especially as like me a lot of people were probably clouded out completely for the three nights of the programme. With more of the same, that wouldn't happen on every occasion.

I liked it though. It tried to adopt a much less stuffy approach to the subject which was good. As for Woss, what can you say. Not my cup of tea personally but the programme wasn't aimed at the converted.

Let's have more.


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