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Just got a personal email back of Brian Cox! Cheeky lad was trying to flog the last few remaining copies of D-Ream - Things can only get better! Making out because he was the keyboard player they're worth £15!

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I didn't watch any of the programmes, though I might catch up with it on the internet. Before I do, one quick question: how much actual stargazing (live or otherwise) was there?

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comment left, there was quite a bit that could be done better in my opinion but its sooooo much better than nothing, and lots of my mates have since asked me a question or two, triggered by them watching this prog. I think it should be brought back during any interesting event.

pete_l, there was a fair bit of cloud watching :) Pics sent in from viewers, the obvious (and great) observatory stuff but I was chuffed to see them making a point of telling people you dont need lots of kit and the random pic of a satellite they happened to spot was great, really made us humans feel part of it, if you know what I mean.

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Thanks to the BBC for the "stargazing live" programs on bbc2. More of this please-& anything with Brian Cox-his enthusiasm is both contagious and captivating.

A couple of suggestions for the next shows:Please do a set of shows for each season.How about a live stream to somewhere nightime - not Hawaii! Also live webcamming from ameteur contributors.

my twopenneth


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just left a positive review of the program, also pointed out that if they do more an idea might be to provide a more hands on approach to stargazing. Showing poople how to navigate, polar align, what they can expect to see with various types of scopes (as you will know some people expect hubble style images from a back garden telescope)

Would love them to do a City Vs Village VS 0 LP setting, might get something done about the LP.

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