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Our best protection against light pollution is a nation of people interested in the stars. Stargazing Live appears to have created an interest in the hobby and is getting people to buy scopes. This is a good thing.

Please, please, write to the BBC and tell them you enjoyed the show and ask them to do it again. It takes 5 minutes of your time and is good for the hobby. Here's the link:


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Blimey that was quick - left my feedback at 10:10pm saying I'd like to see more of Brian Cox on TV and he just came on a 5 min slot to explain the retrograde motion of mars. Didn't realise the beeb were listening that closely lol :)

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Just had this reply........

Thank you for taking the time to send us your views. We appreciate all the feedback we receive as it plays an important role in helping to shape our decisions.

It isn't possible for us to respond individually to comments, so this is an automated message to let you know that we’ve read your feedback and will log the details (removing any personal details) so they can be reported back to the wider BBC, including programme makers, commissioning editors and senior management.

Thanks again for contacting the BBC.

Best wishes

BBC Audience Services.

NB: Please do not reply to this email. It comes from an automated account which is not monitored.

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I have just left some positive feedback, I hope that all the comments they receive with compel them to make another series or string of events around the country like they have done this week. I thought for one it was very uplifting to see our hobby being advertised to the masses on prime time tv for a change :)

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