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Hi All, Just joined. Brilliant. Please may I ask a question about my Telescope. I have a "Sky-Watcher" 4'' reflector D 90mm F 1250mm with a super 25 wide angle lens. I'm told I can get even better resolution with another lens. Any idea of where to start please. I'm told this 4'' would be better with a better lens. Thanks all. Did anyone think JR was a poor choice to include on Stargazing ??

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Welcome to SGL !.

No opinions on JR (Jonathan Ross presumably) but these folk have eyepieces of all types for sale and are highly reccommended:

Eyepieces & Barlows

If you just have a 25 (mm) eyepiece then a 12mm or a 10mm will give you a bit more magnification. The Skywatcher plossl type cost around £20 each and would work quite well in your scope.

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FLO do a range of plossl's, then again most do. Rother Valley do the Antares plossl's at £20 a piece, not sure but think Green Witch do the same.

As to what size my preference would be 15mm and 12mm for magnification. 10mm may be getting to the max of the scope and would mean that conditions would have to be decent and also the scope, being a reflector, would need to be collimated pretty well.

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