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Hi all,

I'm canvassing a bit of opinion here, which of these would you go for and why?

Coronado Solarmax II 60 double stack with rich view

Lunt 60 B1200 double stack with a 50mm and pressure tuner

A set of filters for my TV85 (probably either 60mm Coronado or 50mm lunt double stacked)

If there is a 4th option then please chuck it into the mix.


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Hi Stuart. Don't know if this will help.

It's a tough call as to which option would be best, as few will

have used them side by side to form an opinion.

I have a Lunt 35, and a clubmate has a Lunt 60 with a 50mm

double stack unit. I think it's a tilt tuner rather than pressure tuner.

Last summer, under good conditions we did some side by side viewing.

We were both very surprised at how well my 35 compared with the single

stacked 60 when viewing prominences. If prominences are what you want

to see, then I wouldn't bother with a Lunt 60, save your money and get

a 35. However, where the 60 did deliver was with disc detail, so much

more to see, and when we fitted the d/stack, wow !

Maybe this will help in some small way.

Best regards, Ed.

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