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I want one of those.....

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while watching Stargazing live last ( by that I mean on I player )

He was using a Planishere chart . Can I buy one from a book shop or is it an order item of the Internet ?

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I got mine from Waterstones back in 2008 when I first started observing. It was about a fiver I think and I found it to be quite useful to learn my way around the night sky as a beginner. Back then I didn't know where anything was up there and it really helped me gain some basic knowledge of the main constellations.

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I know it sounds daft but make sure you get a UK one, normally marked as 51' latitude.

I have seen them for sale on Amazon which are for other areas, even the USA ones can be a lot different in latitude.

Good advice there. Its something that is easily overlooked by anyone.

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I bought mine from W H Smiths for around £5. Its a really good tool to help you around the sky. I didn't really know what i was looking at until I bought one. The only thing I find is I sometimes think I'm looking at something but I'm bit unsure if I'm looking at what I think it is.

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