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Transporting scope with car

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Firstly apologies, as I'm sure this was asked a couple weeks back, but my search didn't come up with anything.

If the skies clear up soon, I'm wanting to take my scope outside of my town, maybe 40 minutes drive away (on top of a hill in Eastern Scotland, called the Cairn O' Mount). Would it be sufficient just to wrap in bubble wrap and of course put the seatbelt on :eek:

Any tips from anyone for taking the scope to darker skies?



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Hi Scott' myself i would put the scope in the boot with lots of padding on each end of the scope' so the scope can't move and knock the coll out of line.I would't put the scope on the back seat in the car just in case it might roll off.Mark

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Just leave the scope as it is. If its transported carefully it should be fine. My 200 is transported around quite often and collimation seldom drifts by any significant factor.

If your really worried you could use a Cheshire once your set up on site and shine a red light torch down the scope to check.

Mine is usually transported in a scope bag and put in the boot of the car and packed with an old duvet to stop it rolling around.

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