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Another Lidl HEADS UP!!!

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I don't knwo if this is anything to write to anyone about, even your astro friends on a forum, let alone home, but from Monday 18th December, Lidl are stocking Bresser 70mm f/10 refractors for £50. It seems to be mounted on an Equatorial with tubular legs and comes with a finder, star chart, 20, 12 and 4mm EPs, 1.5x erecting EP and software.

They're getting in Bresser Microscopes on teh same day, but I can't tell you anything about this other than it has three lenses on a revolver and a PC eyepiece with USB connection, for £40.

Any more knowledgeable info on these items anyone?


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At £50, it has got to be worth a look at. A friend of mine bought a 70mm refractor on an EQ mount (from Lidls) last year - okay it isn't top quality, but not too much colour (f10 helps) - he uses it for general wide field sweeps and seems happy with it.


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