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Surrey Observers - Getting back on track....


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Hi all,

As some of you know I was starting up a a group to do some observing en masse for anyone who wanted to perhaps observe in company in the Surrey area ( it would be near Dorking).

Unfortunately after starting the group I went down with a succession of lurgies culminating in a very painful eye infection which hasn't made me very open to the idea of staring down an eyepiece :eek: My observing eye ws so swollen I could hardly open it and it hurt like.....well this is a family forum so we'll just say it hurt lots ok !!!

But (cue sweeping strings and trumpets) I am now back on form and after this week will be fine for getting thsi show on the road. Yippeeee :hello2:cheers from the pleased looking crowd and from hard pressed partner who has had to deal with the various afflictions I have suffered.

Details will be posted in the Surrey Observers community group if anyone would like to add their names tpo the group.

As soon as the group sorts itself out we can start getting going with maybe some observing evening and perhaps a curry evening as well or maybe just a beer (gin and tonic for me ta) at the local hostelry :)

If your new to SGL and want to be involved you'd be very welcome - you can join the group by following the link for communities on the menu bar above. If your stuck - just PM me or ask here and I'll help you out.

This isn't a club just an informal bunch of losers and sad acts who like to observe with telescopes :D some of us will be very experienced (ie extra sad losers) while others will be at the space chimp stage (quit now before you look too geeky) which is cool and anyone who wants to join and maybe meet up on a cold dark bit of ground is welcome.

If we ever get this going I'll bring along a very special telescope for you all to have a look at/through and the eyepiece that causes fighting talk as well ;)


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Well I could cook but no I won't.....my cutlery only runs to eight settings and I am hoping for more people than that :eek:

I'm told I am a good cook but that's just cos people are kind I am sure :)

We could convene at my place but it's a bit small and usually crowded with the partners extra nerdy IT friends discussing code or with my eldest sons strange gangsta wannabe friends who just sound as I'd they are talking in code ;)

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