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Solar eclipse from Norfolk


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Well, I hit lucky with the eclipse this morning.

Found a suitable high spot to view the sunrise, but thick cloud prevented viewing anything. However, at 8:45 the clouds miraculously cleared and gave superb filtered views. I've seen loads of solar eclipses, including a total one, but this one was particularly spectacular due to the low elevation, interesting clouds and a fortuitous flock of birds. Taken with a 75-300 Canon zoom on a Canon 450D. Hope you like them







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Hi Luke,

Great set of pictures. I put a pile of stuff in the boot of the car to bring to work and when I got here at 8 AM the sky was covered. My platform on the roof faces East with no obstuctions so stood there for 45 mins waiting for the clouds to clear but no luck over here at Great Yarmouth, Sky finally cleared about 10 AM :eek:

PS the TAL is going great thanks,


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great shots Luke, you lucky ********:eek::D

you should maybe submit one to the Dara and Brain show for tonight

One has pride of place on the Stargazing Live website right now,and rightly so,its a stunning image.

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