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Helios 150 s/hand

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I've seen a Helios 150 reflector with eq3-2 on ebay for £120 buy it now nearby. Has anyone had experience with scopes, are they the same as the skywatcher version, is it good value (appears to be!), and what should i look for if i see it before parting with the readies?


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If it`s nearby then why not ask the seller if you can have a look first before you decide to buy. I`m sure any genuine seller would not mind.

Helios scopes are the same spec as the Skywatcher scopes and are in my opinion good. That particular one if it is half decent sounds like it is at a reasonable price.

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The stock focuser on the Helios 6" newtonians was a rack and pinion as far as I recall. If it's the 6" F/5 version with a focal length of 750mm and the parabolic mirror on an eq3-2 mount (or equivilent) then it's not a bad buy. There is a shorter tube version (but with a longer 1000mm focal length) which I would not be so enthusiastic about as it uses a corrector lens at the bottom of the drawtube to achieve the focal length - these ones are optically not so good and tricky to get collimated. Check the mount is an EQ3-2 - a lighter mount (eg: an EQ2) would not really be stable enough for the scope.

The not-so-good Helios 6" was called the Apollo and is at the top of this web page:

Bray Imaging - TAL Telescopes

The one below it is the better one (the Explorer).

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Don't worry - another will be along soon - it was not particularly cheap IMHO, had just a 1.25" focuser and there was no info on the optical condition provided or pictured.

I don't think you missed a real bargain there.

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I'm alwayd dubious about ebay scopes myself.........seen a fair few dogs go through and the problem is if its been owned by a newbie you never know if they have done something silly and cleaned te optics with brasso :eek:

I have an old banger TAL 1 that I got off ebay and it was a lesson in22nd hand scope buying.....i knew it was a dog and got it cheap but on visual insection it looked sound enough and the mirrors seemed ok. Once the scope was stripped the real cndition showed up in wndless stripped nuts, and nicotine grease on the mirrors ( non smoking household my ***).

There were endless things wrong with it which I did spot and considing I was buying it as a project It was a good price but it does go to show what tat is on ebay. I also had a look at a TAL2 sometime back which was as far removed from the sellers descrigion as you coud be, to whit, almost every moving part busted, mirrors were shot etc. He did sell it for £120 to someone else and i feel sorry for them whoever they are because it will be the most expensive drainage pe in the world.

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