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your astro highlight of 2010?


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It was a big year for me all round - I restarted astronomy after 20+ years, got my first proper telescope, and learnt lots of constellations.

If I had to pick one thing it would be sketching Jupiter. But some DSO sights, like M13, M27 and M57 are also unforgettable.

To be honest, I also enjoyed buying astro stuff... ;-)

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Mine was having a look through a 20" dobsonian at the SGL star party back in April 2010. I only had a few minutes at the eyepiece but the owner asked me what I'd like to see so I requested M51 and M13. The views of both were truly staggering :eek:

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I enjoyed the views of Mars, my best ever, mind you I had only seen it a handfull of times before that.

To be honest, I also enjoyed buying astro stuff... ;-)

had a few nice bits of kit delivered myself :), made up for the shocking weather we had :eek:


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Wow - where to start! I have been completely inspired by astronomy this year, and I will look back on 2010 with fond memories when I am older. My main points would be:

- Getting my own telescope, and then upgrading it.

- Actually stepping outside and being rooted to the spot after seeing just how beautiful the sky from my back garden is, and feeling totally humbled.

- Seeing the amazing rings of Saturn, and staring at the planet to try and coax as much detail out of the fragile ring band as possible.

- Climbing alone up a hill in Turkey at dusk, and standing there looking out over the bay where the sunlight was making the horizon sparkle, and staring at the Sun as it sank lower and became filtered out by the hazy clouds to eventually see sunspots on the disc with the naked eye.

- Walking out into a quiet field and laying on my back to see the Milky Way spilling across the amazing sky, with the Cygnus Rift cutting it in half, and just running away with the thoughts that such a sight inspires.

- Watching the Space Station from multiple parts of the world, and wondering what it must be like to look down on the world from up there, and realising just what humans can do.

- Seeing the amazingly subtle dust lanes of the Andromeda Galaxy from my back yard, and the feeling of receiving the light of hundreds of billions of stars all at once, and how some photons just might have come from artificial lights on the planets of alien civilisations which were lit 2.5 million years ago.

- Seeing golden Io appear out of nowhere as it came out from the shadow of Jupiter, and watching it suddenly appear and brighten into a bright gold spot in a matter of seconds, and wondering what it must have been like actually standing on its surface watching the Sun come out from behind giant Jupiter in under 10 seconds.

- Pointing a camera at the sky and recording lots of these special memories to re-visit later, and creating a website to share my memories of 2010.

- Seeing the sky and talking about astronomy with my Dad, and sharing the occasional moment with other family members.

- All the individual memories of seeing and thinking about the amazing things I saw in the sky.

Last year really did change how I look at the world, and made me realise that my life goes far, far beyond Earth, and just how much opportunity and beauty exists outside my life on just this planet.

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For me, finding Saturn! Then the planet Uranus - I didn't think it was possible through my scope.

Next are Neptune and Mercury for 2011... If possible - I have not yet checked.

And the Sun


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For me it was the night sky back in September while i was at croft racing circuit. Miles from the nearest town the sky was completely black and the milky way was so bright that it was difficult to make out constellations such cygnus. Add jupiter, unrestricted views in all directions, barbie, beers and the look on my teams faces as i pointed out stuff and show them through bins....priceless

It was those three nights that prompted me to get a new scope and start up again.

Here's hoping for a repeat in 2011.


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For me it was Kelling at autumn. Saw Andromeda in binocs for the first time - a wow! moment. But the best was getting my missus a dslr and hooked it up to the SCT. Watching her taking her first pics of Jupiter was just heart melting - she was loving it :eek:

(I know I'm a sappy old git really lol)

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