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Quadrantid meteors

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The sky in N E lincolnshire is amazingly clear. No meteors yet but the peak is not until after midnight. Brian Cox has just said that the best time is between 4.00 a.m. and 6.00 a.m. Just seen the Jupiter / Uranus near conjunction and hopefully will get a good look at Saturn, Venus and Mercury whilst waiting for some Quadrantids. Forcast here is cloud for tomorrow's Solar eclipse though. Could be a good old night for the Solar System.

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Just in from a few minutes between clouds, spotted 6 in 5 minutes over the Atlantic, very sloooow and bright, just hope the clouds stay away at the right time. :eek:

Eoropie, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

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Just stuck my nose out the door - it is cloudy here (Cambridge, UK) so I'll go to bed. I think the shower should be best after midnight so hope all who stay p are rewarded. I have to start work tomrrow.

According to the stargazing program tonight (Brian Cox et al) it should be OK up Manchester way and a bit south.

Keep warm.

Bob :eek:

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I got up at 03:00 local (midnight UT) and watched for about an hour, a bit of thin cloud moving W-E which became too thick for more observing by 04:30. Only saw one, slow and bright orange moving N-S and a couple of "flashes behind the clouds that may have been meteors.

Viewed Saturn, the rings are opening up nicely again :eek:

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