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Canon 1000D - any good at ISO 1600?

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I'm hoping the skies stay clear tonight for my first imaging session for a couple of weeks. I only recently acquired a modded 1000D and haven't had enough sessions to really try it out yet. As I'm still unguided I wonder if anyone can say what results I might expect using ISO 1600? My first experiments were with 800. Is the dynamic range drastically reduced? Is the noise removable with good darks?

I know I should experiment, but I want to try and get a session with some usable results tonight!


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I've been experimenting with different ISO's with my 1000D and to be quite honest, I seem to be getting the best results at ISO400. Yes this does mean longer exposures, but the quality of the subs is better than at ISO800 and much better than at ISO1600. If your setup allows it then I'd go for longer at lower ISOs. This is only my opinion and others may think differently.

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