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weird space travel fact

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after all the reading i still cant get my head around it lol,... if a train travels around the world at light speed for one year ,10years passes for people not on the train ,how? its still traveled for one year just really fast ?/ lol :D

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If we sat here on earth doing nothing for a year watching telly we would also be in the future. One year in the future to be exact.

I am about 30 seconds in the future from when I started typing this.

Me thinks you need to supply more detail.

You've got to love sarcasm

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I love all this stuff...im just c**p at it.......but as far as i know (which you could fit on the back of a match box) the faster you go the slower time is and you get physically smaller....i think gravity has a part to play somewhere too :)....oh well i wished i was clever enough to understand it all

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I think to make significant time "travel" differences you really need a convenient, massive, local black hole to orbit etc. It seems that maintaining a STABLE orbit around one is rather non-trivial tho' - And decidedly hazardous? :)

A bit of random fun (including examples and other pages): :)


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what would hapeen if the train driver switched his head lights on ,would the light still travel at light speed ?from the head light ?

if the train is traveling at the speed of light then time should be standing still....so the rain driver wouldnt be able to turn them on in the first place :)

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