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Which moon filter ?

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I am not too sure which moon filter i need for my 130p goto. There are so many...13%, 25%, orange, blue, neutral density and polarising!!!!!

I'm sure they all have a specific ideal use, but, all i need is a happy medium filter for a new starter to have a look at the moon.

Your help and advice is greatly appreciated


p.s....happy new year :(

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I use the neutral density type but more often then not i dont bother, yes it's not so bright and you can look longer at the moon but i like it how it should be and i'm sure i can see more with out a filter (have the same scope as you).

Try without a few times and see what you think, or just look around and pick a cheap s/hand one up to see how you get on.

Also have you noticed a small cap that comes off the scope cover? if you remove this and replace the cap back on the scope this will reduce some of the glare.

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Wratten 29 (deep red) works best for me ... maybe a bit dark for high power but it does help preserve your night vision, and the long wavelength helps reduce the effect of atmospheric turbulence (smearing and boiling of the image).

If you don't want a strongly coloured image, a deep neutral density will be best: ND 0.9 (12.5%) is sort of tolerable but ND 1.2 (6.25%) is better.

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