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Your Decision To Send The Most Expensive Spaceprobe

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Well I think its not beyond the realms of possibility that the scenario you paint is well within our reach before the end of the century, I mean only a 100 years ago we were worrying about the excessive speed of trains and only just starting to use cars. Once we crack the fue/speed issue for spacecraft the solar system will be our back yard. I think after that things will be somewhat more difficult. As we all know space is big! :eek: even travelling at 1,000's of miles a second so we really will be struggling.


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I would send it to the heliosphere, or close in... maybe a sun-mercuary lagrange point? the amount we dont know about the suns daily processes amazes me, and it is bound to have some very interesting results, and amazing photographs too.

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All those you mention in the original post fascinate me, so can I have a really expensive probe that will tour them all?

Obviously it needs to be able to land on rocky worlds, take off again, and dive through the atmosphere of gaseous worlds.

Do FLO do them? :icon_eek:

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We probably need a Titan rover ... but perhaps we ought to "do" Mars first.

BTW I would much prefer to send two. We've been lucky with outer solar system probes but occasional failures are likely. The development cost is of course not duplicated.

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Fun idea

Personally I'd be looking for life, and for that I'd want to dig into Europa.

How about a multi-rover mission.. i.e. a probe with multiple rover vehicles which then means they can cover all the jovian moons, the proble then acts as a local satellite taking the wide field views and acting as a relay, a bit like the martian missions.

Clearly the Europa one would need to be something special with a surface/digger bot and a swimmer to go down and take a look around.

I'd probably want two missions though, one for Juipter and one for Saturn, similar style in both cases.

I'd also want to be working towards a permanent colony on Mars, probably after having got one on the Moon.


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Fully agree with checking for life on the Jupiter Moons.. But I'd also love to know the answer to whether there is a giant planet hiding in the Oort Cloud. This article rally made me think.. "oooh! Could that be true?"

Astronomers Doubt Giant Planet 'Tyche' Exists in Our Solar System| Giant Planet Tyche Not Likely to Exist, Say Experts | Space.com

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