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helloooooo - I was recommended here by my dad, heard its a great forum. I'm 17 currently in college doing computer networking. I've always loved astronomy, just havent got the equipment to do all the fun stuff, but that should change soon :D

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I'll go with WH and suggest you get a pair of binos first. Whenever I look through a pair I'm just so relieved at how much easier they are to use to just observe the countless stars than fiddling about with heavy mounts and cool down times and slow-mo cables and different EPs and finders and charts and collimation and focus and and ... and ... and... and ... and ... and. Go for one of these: < http://www.scopesnskies.com/special-offers.html > or one of the Bresser ones we've been talking about non stop: < http://tinyurl.com/yxcfee > (that's my own ad! the only reason I don't offer them at SGL price is because those are the only ones I have left. If you win it I'll knock of 10%.


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