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Pier Building: Is there a best way?


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I'm thinking about building a pier in the new year but I'm a bit confused about the various ways it can be done. There seem to be two main ways:

1. Dig a hole, put some circular tube in the hole, fill the hole and tube with concrete and rebar.

2. Dig a hole, fill it with concrete and rebar, but sink some bolts into the top (with a template) for fitting a metal pier once the concrete base is set.

Apart from the cost of the metal pier in method 2, which has to be compared to a pier adapter for method 1, is either method considered better than the other structurally, or otherwise?

I'm thinking method 1 would probably be cheaper given that most metal piers I have seen cost a fair bit compared to say a relatively simple pier-top adapter.

Is there anything else to consider?


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The main difference (to me anyway!) is that a "seperate" pier can be changed/updated/generally fiddled with as time goes by! It is also less of a problem when you eventually move house!!!

Metal piers do not have to be that expensive - see the Blog in my signature (you will have to go back a few pages) to see mine - if I remmber rightly it cost around £75 all in. The steel was "offcuts" from my local steel fabricator ("Help yourself mate, its only scrap value to me!!"). I did the cutting/drilling and finishing and he did the welding for a small fee.

Oops! forgot - with a self build you get a pier with exactly the dimensions that YOU want to fit your site.

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If you bolt together with M12 studding, a 600mmx600mmx50mm paving slab, and 2- 200mm square x400mm long hollow concrete blocks, they will make as good a pier as a metal one and will cost less than £20 from a builders merchant.

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