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NEQ6/EQ6 mount

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Well it arrived with a BLACK mount and a WHITE tripod, no counterweights, and one saddle mounting plate lock knob missing.

I've changed the original saddle puck to the later SkyWatcher one and the dealer is sending me the missing counterweights, in WHITE.

On the plus side the tripod was the later version with the 2" S/Steel legs.

It looks like something from the set of the Black & White Minstrel Show but I must admit it is growing on me. I'll post a pic when it all arrives.

That doesn't sound very good, was it supposed to be new? Sounds like the dealer has put together a load of bits he had lying around! I thought the NEQ6 came with the 2" SS tripod as standard?

If you paid full price I'm sure you are within your rights to get a proper, matching mount and tripod.

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The mount appears brand new and unused, and I guesstimate 7 or 8 years old, pre NEQ6, so it would have originally been shipped with  the 11/2" tripod legs.

It was in the original packing and I guess the seller opened the box to cobble a few bits. The mount seems to operate as it should. and I have a strip-down and SynScan upgrade on the drawing board.

Oh, and the price was reasonable, a tad over 400 of your pounds.

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Umm, I don't know if you just missed it off while assembling ??, but you appear to be missing the spreader plate that goes at the base of the screw rod, this keeps the legs sturdy....

I've got it, just didn't put it on for the pic.

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Look forward to see what you get.I think Skywatcher changed from Eq6 to Neq6 in 2008.Mine was bought in 2012 as Neq6 with extended bar and dual saddle.

You might want to upgrade the saddle puck if funds allow to the ADM one if mounting a large setup.attachicon.gifIMAG0009.jpg.


I'm with Kenny here. Change the puck to an ADM one. The original puck is not very good to say the least. It makes quite a difference. The ADM ones hold the scope plate much better and don't mark the dovetale plates like the Synta ones do. They are much better made and properly machined.


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Here it is in all it's BLACK, WHITE and CHROME beauty. I actually don't mind it at all.

attachicon.gifMount Set Up.jpg

I hope it handles the weight of that camera ;). I've got the newer white version and to be honest, I think the black looks better. More industrial or something. Anyway, they all look the same at a dark site. Let us know which motor wins the duel ;). And for au$800ish, a bargain for sure 

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