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Science Week project ideas


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My wife is a maths teacher at a local school. She and another teacher,

are planning to do a project for Science Week, based around the

theme of Space.

She asked me tonight, if I had any good ideas, that they could

use to get the kids motivated for the project. So far I've came up

with the "alien life on an exosolar planet" idea, where the kids

would learn not only about evolution of a species, but also

the different types of stars, and more importantly, which ones

are more suitable for life, then there's the detail of the planet to work out.

She's still open for ideas - so if anybodys got any ideas she

could maybe use, she'd be really greatful.


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Perfect. The AAVSO has a Hands On Astrophysics Workshop program with materials and such geared for just this audience. Their website with all the info is here:


The students will be doing real science by analyzing real data in real situations. I haven't done it myself, but I've heard some great things about it.

DOH! I just visited the site and they're sold out. You may want to poke around the AAVSO.org site a look for educational stuff. There's still more stuff there.

Here's just one:http://www.astro.utoronto.ca/~percy/index.html

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No! I know! Have them make a solar system scale model. It makes a great presentation. They can find a source of data to get distances and sizes, then make simple conversions and use peas and pin heads and tennis balls to lay out the position of the planets. Easy peasy, adn so educational. It even was for me when I was 17!!


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