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Finally saw saturn (with my eyes not my scope)

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It is very much dimmer than either venus or jupiter, but still visible where I live, but it was up too late to break out the scope. Will I be able to view titan with my 4.5 inch dob?

I managed to see Titan with a 60mm refractor so your 4.5" should easily see it. You should be able to see a couple of other Saturnain moons as well.

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like me Paul, never even gave the poor old moons a thought, just drugged by saturn and her rings.

I was just made very happy a few mins ago after watching "the wonders of the solar system", a view of saturn was shown through a very large scope, and the view we saw was the same as i saw, which made me happy, not a view with the rings showing the cassini division just a nice bright one...oh and of course 5 of its moons...which i never saw.....i'l get my coat

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I've never knowingly seen any of Saturns moons. I spose i was too busy being seduced by Saturns ring system.

My 10" will show 6 of them - Enceledus is a good test at around magnitude 11.7 and a fascinating world :(

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Sorry i misread the title of this thread. Saturn with the naked eye is a lovely sight. It has a lovely vivid golden colour. Once you have seen it naked eye.............you will always spot it in the night sky in seconds when it is there. It is not as bright as Venus or Jupiter but its colour gives it away.

Personally i love the Jovian moons and looking at Jupiter and the way the moons dance with each other around the planet, but with Saturn i am happy just to observe it and its rings. I don't really care that it has any moons.

Saturn's rings are opening up nicely right now. The should be killer during say the middle of 2011.


Is it just me or does anyone else think of Mexican food when they hear that name?

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