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Celestial Projectors


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Hello All,

I have seen a few projectors for stuff like this:


Are they actually any good? By good I mean are they interesting, factually correct and also helpful in learning the constellations? (and also relaxing?)

Does anyone have one they could recommend?

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Proper planetarium projectors are expensive, to the tune of thousands of pounds I would think.

I don't know anything about the one you have linked to, but speaking for myself, I wouldn't spend money on it.

Looks no more than a toy, and probably will not display a true representation of the night sky, at any time of season.

It won't incorporate the kind of technology to make it accurate.


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At this level they are pretty much kids toys - not a serious learning tool. You'd do a lot better with Stellarium free download planetarium software :(

Might have to hook my laptop up to a projector in that case then, would get a decent size view out of that. Has anyone else done this?

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