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Lunar eclipse funny story

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This happened to my mum and I thought that I would share it as it made me laugh. My mum and dad live in retirement flats on the third floor in Falkirk overlooking the local police station. I had actually forgotten about the lunar eclipse that morning but was relieved to be reminded when my mum texted me early to say that she had seen it. According to my mum text she said 'can you see the eclipse of the moon just now? Wonderful isn't it.!' I set up my scope, saw the eclipse then thanked my mum by text and thought no more of it. Later on at work I got a text from my dad. Here 's the funny bit......

'The eclipse your mum saw this morning was a satelite dish on the roof above the police station!'

Unbelieveable and very funny. It was only later that I realised my parent's flat window face east. They could never have seen it. Poor mum never did get to see the real eclipse.

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