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moon filters

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hi all help please.

as you know i image the moon and post them on the lunar image thread, the help i would like is, what type of filters do i require to stop glare on say a half or full moon so that the pics dont look washed out. i do edit the pics i take, but by adding contrast somtimes the pic is just not right. i use a samsung nv4 8mp digital compact camera held to my sky watcher 127mm scope held to the eyepiece via a digimount, so the shots are afocal. the eyepieces have threads to accept the screw in type filter, please note i would never use a threaded solar filter for observing the sun, just the moon only. please can you advise on make and colour required .

the eyepieces i think are 32mm (deffo not 25mm)

thanks for your time


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You can use an Infra Red filter, or a deep red filter. They will influence your exposure times.

Is your scope an equatorially mounted one, and does it have a drive motor in RA.? Also, you should try to buy a digi mount to attach the camera to the scopes focuser. It will help a lot, although some good results are possible without these refinements. The filter size you need are 1.25" which is 32mm.

A webcam is an Ideal camera for imaging the moon and planets.

Looking back over some of your lunar images, you have produced some nice ones, so you are doing OK really with the method you are using.


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