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Hello From a Newbie


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Hi thought i would just say hello and hope you all had a Merry Xmas.

I have just bought my first scope(Skywatcher 130p) and am busy gathering as much info as i can to get the best out of it, I have absolutely no knowledge of Astronomy.

I saw Jupiter and its Moons last night but they just appeared as bright dots. Not sure what to expect but it was still good to see. Hopefully when i have a better understanding i will be able to do my scope some justice.

Im sure i will be asking plenty of questions in the near future.

Catch you later.

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You should be able to see the planet and it's bands at very least with the right magnification. However the moons will only appear as dots at low mag. You won't be able to see the moons if you can see the detail on the planet (and vice versa).

I get a good view at 130x in my 130P with a 5mm Radian eye piece :)

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Hi from me too, not sure why you can't see anything with the 10mm or the Barlow. It might be that you need to refocus or it might be the object isn't centred well enough.

Make sure you have the finderscope aligned as well as possible with the main scope and also check that you have the target centred with the 25mm before you plug a higher mag eyepiece in.


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