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What did Santa bring you?

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A very Merry Christmas to all!

I was very lucky and got a copy the Dobsonian Telescope building book by Berry and Kriege, a new 15mm TV Plossl and a new to me 7mm Baader GO and 9mm University Optics Ortho.

I am kidding myself that this completes my eyepiece buying for good.

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The Cheapskate...

He saved himself quite a few quid by coming a day late once the sales had started...

A new Full HDTV for the bedroom to replace the old HD ready one......

Internet connection, HD Tuner etc...

I havent plugged it into the PC yet catching up on I-player with it at the moment...


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Sounds like most people got some good stuff, just wish Santa had dropped these down my chimney as well, but for those struck down with illness hope it passes soon. You know what your mums used to say "Nothing like getting out of the house and get some fresh air" - Time you use your scope.

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I don't want to upstage Lewis, but I went the whole hog and got me a shiny, new wife. We got married quietly on Xmas eve - v romantic. The sweetheart (Tricia) bought me a mini Giro mount for my travel scope and PST, oh and a pair of leather Ugg boots - toasty.

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Well Santa played a blinder...

Canon Eos 1000d with 18-55 IS kit lens

Tamron AF 70-300mm Di Zoom with Macro mode

UV filters for both

Gadget Bag.

My Mrs is priceless.......

Clear Skies and a happy new year that brings you all you need.

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Oh, wow! Congratulations Martin!! On Christmas eve as well!

I got The Electric Sky by Donald E. Scott from Dad, Wonders of the Solar System from my brother. Think that was it, astro-wise...


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Uncle Miltons Moon in my room twice! Now I have 2 moons in my room Wonders of the solar system by Prof Brian Cox a cool glow in the dark star poster of Orion DK book on Astronomy very good that one and was out there at 2 in the morning on Christmas night photographing Orion Nebula perfect end to a perfect day!:(


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Wonders of the Solar System book

Me too :D

Plus a 17a Power tank that looks like I could power the whole house with it :p

He seemed to miss the light polution filter that was on the wish list just under the heading ** MUST HAVE ** :(

Merry Christmas everyone. :)

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From the Mrs I got a Canon 1000D, remote timer and an IOU for a 2" T-mount adaptor and LPR filter (as soon as FLO are back in the new year), plus a really great book of astroimages: 'Voyager' by Stuart Clark from my Sister.

Best Christmas in years,


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