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Excel Spreadsheet - Moon and Celestial Data

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I have been working on a spreadsheet for quite a few weeks and the first version is ready and attached to this thread.

It has formula's, code and data from many sources on the internet (See Credits worksheets) and it presents the data in a way that I understand.

You input your data in the Data worksheet and wait for the spreadsheet to recalculate and update all the associated worksheets which include Moon Data for your chosen Date, Moon Data for the next 30 days at your chosen Date and Time, Celestial Data of 7843 Objects (Messier, NGC and Herschel) and also some simple graphs.

The naming convention is as per (M) messier, NGC and for my own usage (H) for Herschel Objects.

Simple instructions are in the Credits worksheet.

I would like some peer review if possible as I have checked the data against Stellarium and also a few online sources are they are quite close.

Thank you


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Thanks, I initially created it as I wanted to create a viewing list for each evening which I could port over to the Web in PHP but Excel is the test bed.

There are a few sources of code mainly implementations of Meeus and Duffett-Smith, however some of these implenations were inaccurate and I need to identify where and when. For example the code to work out the Moon's age in Days and then transpose this into New Moon/Full Moon should that at least the cacluation for full moon was a day early than it should be, however the Moon Illumination was spot on, so the columns for this in the MoonData worksheet was removed but the code is still there in the VBA editor.

I still need to add the Sun data for rise/set/transit and would also like to add rise/set/transit for Celestial Objects as well and not just the location (RA/Dec or Az/Alt) as it currently does.

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I am about to make changes to the spreadsheet but before I do so I would like some feedback if possible so I can correct any errors that have been found or make some enhancements.


Anybody? 51 people have downloaded it, it would be nice to hear something if possible even if it's negative else there is little point in me distributing it via SGL

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