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Obs re-design (nearly)


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My obs is great! Been in it less than a year now and I wouldn't go back to standing out in the cold for anything. But there is a small design fault - my horizon is about 30 degrees north, east and south, a bit higher in the west, so I am missing out on some things - the orion neb being one.

So I have been playing with pencil and paper trying to decide how to loose a foot off of those walls - 3 days I've been at it now.

Her indoors has just looked ocer my shoulder and asked what I'm at, so I explained, she thought about it for a nano second and said "why dont I just make the metal thingy in the middle (pier) taller?"


I'm an engineer - why didnt I think of that?

Job for the summer then..:)

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I'm thinking of building an 8 or 9ft pier for exactly that reason, with a platform at about 5-6ft for observing. I'm assuming that the pier, at that height, needs a bit more rigidity and mass than normal. Haven't done the sums yet, it's still a pipe dream (no pun intended!).


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I was thinking about some sort of adjustable height pier for a while... But cam to the conclusion that it would not be rigid enough...

But yeah, sometimes it needs a fresh pair of eyes to see the obvious .. :)

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