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Hey Sean welcome to SGL.

I am a fellow lurker of the forums and recent joiner and I too can never shake that first feeling of seeing something like Jupiter's moons through some binos!

I have no doubt you will use those great skies of yours to their full potential with the new decided upon scope, I am always jealous of the said good conditions!

Just be sure to really, really, really read into the scope, mount and eyepieces you set your eyes upon. They are normally a large investment and you want to be never growing tired of it or regretting something you cannot replace easily.

In my personal opinion Dobs are great for viewing but do not satisfy my constant need to expand and try something new! A tracking telescope can always allow the future possibility for imaging, no matter if it is a simple amateur attempt or exploration into professional skills. If you want to share your hobby, a great way can be showing people your images.

Finally, I think I am right in thinking that a new edition of the book is about to come out early next year. Perhaps someone with a little know how could verify this...? It could be a little tip before the current edition gets dispatched.


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Thanks for all the good advice guys, I have to be honest I still like the idea of a goto system and like the look of the nexstar range of scopes ,But as advised am aware Dobs will give me more bang for my buck, I do fancy some imaging later on, Oh what to do :-), I think its to late to cancel the order on the book but I think I will read it and research somemore before deciding which way to go.

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Well just an update for you all, Ive had delivery of my book "Left turn at Orion" and am really enjoying it. As to deciding what to buy scope wise Im still having a hard time choosing. I now feel I would like the option to dabble with some basic astro photography using a webcam etc at a later date, So from what I know a Dob is out of the running, Is that the case if using a webcam?. If so I assume my only choices are an eq mount or a goto system, So with that in mind maybe a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT or something like a Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5? as they seem to be pretty closely priced. I must admit Im getting brain ache trying to decide what to do, I know aperture is king but I have to store it and I dont have masses of room with a house full of hormonal females(5) lol.


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